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Developed for reality
With the S 700 E, we have developed a cutter in which blade opening and force application are perfectly matched to the relevant working range. In comparison with previous top cutters, the new S 700E reaches its greatest strength earlier, delivering its best performance at large diameters. This cutter was designed not only for current vehicle construction, but also built with advanced technology to perform on future vehicle generations with stronger and wider vehicle posts.
* Superior Curved blades for the perfect pull effect
* Optimized for current and upcoming vehicles with stronger and wider car posts
* More power where you need it... more cutting force in the relevant work area than previous top cutters
* Rescue without power units and hoses
* Ideal for operations involving major accidents or off-road rescues
* Each tool comes complete with two batteries and one charger
* Optional 110V power supply sold separately
Thanks to eDRAULIC™, rescue workers are freed of power units and heavy hoses - and can rely on superior performance when it counts.
Call now for special pricing (supplies are limited)!!!
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