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haix ranger 8"
  • haix ranger 8"
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  • haix ranger 8"
  • haix ranger chart


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Light. Fast. Comfortable. With advanced protection against punctures, bodily fluids, and chemicals. Developed for and with SRT Teams. Endorsed by S.W.A.T. and Tactical Teams.

Price: $217.00

Light. Fast. Comfortable. With advanced protection against punctures, bodily fluids, and chemicals.

  • Comfortable, light weight, solid, lacing, and probably the most protective tactical boot you can buy
  • Light, flexible, Kevlar Protection Sole guards against punctures from below
  • Made for fast roping, with abrasion-resistant material, minimal seams, and "gripping teeth" on inner side of the boot for more control
  • Supple, supportive, waterproof, leather and nylon upper is breathable flame retardant…and looks great.
  • 4-layer CROSSTECH® moisture barrier liner-waterproof/breathable, with advanced protection from bodily fluids and chemicals
  • HAIX® CLIMATE SYSTEM: forces moist air out, fresh air in, with every step
  • Footwear is certified to meet or exceed NFPA 1999 standard, 2003 edition for protective clothing for emergency medical operations.

A solid, comfortable, lightweight lace-up boot developed for and with Police, SWAT, and Tactical Teams. Also a great boot for EMS.
The HAIX GSG9-S Tactical Boot was developed to meet the needs of the GSG-9 (The German abbreviation of Grenzschutzgruppe 9), the elite, ultra-secret special operations unit of the German Federal Police. The boot's lightweight leather and durable textile upper gives highly conditioned tactical operators the agility to move at top speed, with more agility, and protection against dangers that most tactical boots simply can't provide. Running, rappelling, or staying quietly on the move, this is a boot that makes the hard stuff just a little easier. Frankly you have to experience it. Wear it. Push it-and yourself-hard! We think you'll understand why this exceptional new tactical boot is worthy of its famous namesake-and you, at your best.

Available in Men's sizes 4½ - 15 & half sizes

  • GORE® CROSSTECH® Footwear Protective Moisture Barrier -an advanced four-layer waterproof/breathable protective barrier inner liner built around Gore CROSSTECH® barrier fabric and it's unsurpassed protection against bodily fluids, bloodborne pathogens, bacteria, and many chemicals.
  • Cambrelle® Inner Liner-smooth, durable, highly abrasion-resistant inner surface, softly padded with breathable foam. It provides exceptional moisture-wicking and long-lasting comfort.
  • Kevlar Puncture-Resistant flexible midsole: Kevlar ballistic cloth molded into footbed; protects against puncture from below by sharp objects, weapons, or debris, without compromising flexibility or weight.
  • HAIX® Sun Reflect Leather: Reduces the heating effect of direct sunlight on the upper leather. Sunlight is reflected by the leather, rather than absorbed, keeping the boot and the feet cooler.
  • HAIX® Climate System: Creates air circulation and cooling with every step-as moist air is expelled, and fresh air pulled in, through special vent holes at the top of the boot.
  • Two-zone lacing. Unique lace clamp ring at the instep locks the lower part of the laces at the snugness you desire, allowing you to adjust the top section for comfort or maximum support.
  • Designed for fast roping. Highly abrasion-resistant materials, extra padding, and no seams on the inner side of the boot between the laces and sole. Allows the operator to wrap feet around a rope without damage to the boot or line while rubber "gripping teeth" at the arch provide improved "braking"..For faster, safer, more secure roping with better control.
  • Slim and good-looking on the foot
  • Padded ankle section, good ankle protection
  • Highly flexible, good protective function
  • Upper - full grain hydrophobic cowhide
  • Flame-retardant fabric in the areas of the tongue and upper edges.
  • Impenetrable KEVLAR® sole inlay -protection from nails, spikes, sharp debris
  • Lacing designed for strength, speed, convenience
  • Closed lacing system -no risk of catching, no trouser leg abrasion.
  • Two-zone lacing -the instep and shaft lacing can be separately and permanently fixed at different levels of tightness.
  • Nickel-free lacing system, rust-free, no stud fastened through the lining.
  • Polyurethane Rubber Sole extensively proven in police operations:
    Excellent non-slip properties, even at cold temperatures and on smooth surfaces
    Stealthy, non-marking self-cleaning treads won't fill up; allow you to move quietly
    Absorbs impact over the entire surface of the sole for more comfort under load or stress
    Oil and fuel resistant compound for longer life, improved performance in critical situations
    Polyurethane impact absorption wedge improves cushioning and provides better insulation against the cold (approx. 70% of foot coldness comes through the footbed and sole)
  • Anatomically shaped, removable insole with moisture transportation and good shock absorption.
  • Leather thickness: 1.8 - 2.0 mm
  • Leg Height: 8 in.





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