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super vac g4 series Enlarge View
super vac g4 series
  • super vac g4 series
  • super vac g4 series
  • g4 series supervac
  • g4 series supervac
  • g4 series supervac
  • super vac g4 series
  • super vac g4 series
  • g4 series supervac
  • g4 series supervac
  • g4 series supervac

PPV Fans: Gas Powered Engines

SKU: G4 Series

Super Vac’s G4 Series positive pressure fans are gas powered for when departments need a high quality PPV fan that do not depend on electricity. They feature a choice of gas engine (Briggs & Stratton, Commercial Honda, or Honda GX) to give departments the perfect choice to solve their ventilation challenges.

Price: $1,342.95 - $2,824.50

The G4 series are able to create maximum airflow from these four popular sizes because of their mighty engines that offer the highest horsepower in their class. 16″ are easily transportable and space saving as they are designed to compact dimensions of fire/rescue apparatus. The 18″, 718G4 is the most popular gas powered PPV fan in the fire service, because of its versatility to ventilate residential and commercial structures while maintaining portability. The heart of the G4 is the famous Super Vac seven-point blade that creates a powerful cone of airflow. The cast aluminum airfoil blade holds up better than plastic in the high radiant heat of structure fires. The G4 series is extremely durable with its full roll cage steel frame that offers protection for the shroud and motor. The shroud can be tilted into four different positions from -10° to 20°. The frame features a powder coated finish that is made to last for years. Inboard mounted cushion tires enable the user to go up and down stairs and maneuver corners with its “zero catch point” design. A step brake locks both wheels into position for a solid base while in use or in storage. A fold down handle makes the unit fit easily into smaller truck compartments.

Model Size Engine HxWxD Weight RPM Output
716G4-B 16" 3.5 Hp Briggs 20"x20.5"x16" 60 lbs 3450 9940 CFM
716G4-H 16" 4 Hp Honda GX 20"x20.5"x16" 62 lbs 3575 11,740 CFM
716GC 16" 5 Hp Cmrcl Honda 20"x20.5"x16" 62 lbs 3530 10,230CFM
718G4-B 18" 6.5 Hp Briggs 21.75"x22.5"x18.75" 79 lbs 3770 15,350 CFM
718G4-H 18" 6.5 Hp Honda GX 21.75"x22.5"x18.75" 82 lbs 3535 15,590 CFM
718GC 18" 5 Hp Cmrcl Honda 21.75"x22.5"x18.75" 74 lbs 3360 14,810 CFM
720G4-B 20" 6.5 Hp Briggs 25.5"x25.5"x18.75" 89 lbs 3385 18,060 CFM
720G4-H 20" 6.5 Hp Honda Gx 25.5"x25.5"x18.75" 92 lbs 3350 18,580 CFM
720GC 20" 5 Hp Cmrcl Honda 25.5"x25.5"x18.75" 84 lbs 3185 17,650 CFM
724G4-B 24" 10 Hp Briggs 27.75"x29"x20.5" 119 lbs 3245 21,100 CFM
724G4-H 24" 9 Hp Honda GX 27.75"x29"x20.5" 133 lbs 3435 20,920 CFM

Specs listed are with cone guard.


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