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Super Adjustamount

Super Adjustamount

SKU: 1050

Price: $53.29
•Grip range of 30"
•Designed to mount on Unistrut or Pac Dual Trac
•Provides unlimited positioning with countless uses (hydraulic power tools, shoring, etc.)
•Lock strap usable length is 30"
The new SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNT is the big brother to the original ADJUSTAMOUNT. Rugged modules, designed to mount on UNISTRUT or PAC DUAL TRAC, provide unlimited positioning with countless uses, i.e. hydraulic power tools, shoring, etc. The injection molded adjustable LOCKSTRAP (tensile strength 5400 PSI) provides a secure restraint for the mounted equipment. LOCKSTRAP usable length 15".
The SUPER ADJUSTAMOUNT includes the following:
• PAC-2074- Clamp-End Module
• PAC-2075- Lock-End Module
• PAC-2008- Adjustable Lock strap w/pin handle (18" overall length)
• PAC-2010- 1/4-20 Channel Nuts w/s.s. socket head bolts
• PAC-2012- 9" long extruded neoprene channel cushion
• PAC-2030- 3/16 hex wrench for socket head bolts

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