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511-RK Heavy Duty Breaching Drill Kit Enlarge
511-RK Heavy Duty Breaching Drill Kit

511-RK Heavy Duty Breaching Drill Kit

SKU: 511-RK

The Ajax Rescue Tools Heavy Duty Breaching Drill Kit is designed to offer quick vertical or horizontal access through various grades of concrete and stone.

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This kit includes a heavy duty drill with a capacity ranging from 5/8" diameter to 2-1/4" diameter for stitching, the placement of a camera hole, and anchor pins.  All drill bits are carbide tipped allowing them to be used in the toughest of materials, and include an air hole running the entire length of the bit allowing air to blow the dust out of the hole while drilling.  In addition, each kit includes an 18 oz Ripstop Vinyl bag with shoulder strap and an accessory bag to hold the drill bits.   The Go Bag comes equipped with an internal locking mechanism that holds the drill and bits securely.   Ajax Rescue Tools has also included a 5' whip hose with pressure feed lubricator and a quart of biodegradable oil tool oil to offer the rescue technician all the tools necessary to start a breaching operation.
This heavy duty drill offers the rescue technician the ability to quickly drill all required holes, along with the power that is needed to drill holes up to 2-1/4" in diameter to position cameras and listening devices. Test results indicate that the drill and drill bits can improve drilling speeds significantly over traditional electric and hydraulic drills, meaning quicker access when time counts.
Ajax No. 511-RK Kit consist of the following items:
(1) 1967 Heavy Duty Breaching Drill
(1) 1037 5' Whip Hose the Pressure Feed Lubricator
(1) 60010 Carbide Speedbit (5/8" Hole Dia.)(9" Drill Depth)
(1) 60110 Carbide Speedbit (7/8" Hole Dia.)(14" Drill Depth)
(1) 60160 Carbide Speedbit (1" Hole Dia.)(14" Drill Depth)
(1) 64010 12" "H" Thread Drill Rod
(1) 63606 2-1/4" Dia. Piloted Carbide Rock Bit ("H" Thread)
(1) 1079 32oz. Biodegradable Air Tool Oil
(1) 1950 Go Bag
(1) 1951 Accessory Bag
(1) 1952 Structural Collapse Luggage Tag


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