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811-RK Heavy Duty Kit

811-RK Heavy Duty Kit

SKU: 811-RK

The Ajax 811-RK Heavy Duty Kit is a very powerful mid range hammer that features a longer piston stroke for a very hard hitting hammer.

Price: $1,939.00

The 811-RK uses  .401 shank chisels and includes non-turn and turn type chisels, and all the items necessary to start the Rescue or Extrication process.

(1) 1973 Hammer for .401-in shank tools
(1) 3300S-42 Retainer
(1) 8245H Regulator
(2) 3159-PL Double Blade Panel Cutter (non-turn)
(2) 3156-PL Kwik Cutter (non-turn)
(2) 3156-18-PL 18-in. Kwik Cutter (non-turn)
(2) 909-9-PL Panel Cutter (turn-type)
(2) 932-PL Kwik Cutter (turn-type)
(2) 932-18-PL 18-in. Kwik Cutter (turn-type)
(1) 929-PL Ripper Chisel (turn-type)
(1) 940-PL Moil Point (turn-type)
(1) 998 15-ft., 1/4-in. Hose
(2) 992 Male Connector (1/4-in. NPT hose and hammer)
(1) 996 Male Coupler (1/4-in. NPT regulator)
(1) 993 Female Coupler (1/4-in. NPT hose)
(1) 8246 Gauge Guard
(1) 5317 20-in. Steel Kit Box
(1) 8259 Kit Box Liner
(1) 1074 4-oz. Oil


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