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8D Polyester Double Jacket Attack Hose Enlarge
8D Polyester Double Jacket Attack Hose

8D Polyester Double Jacket Attack Hose


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8D hose is a premium quality, industrial grade, double jacket hose with a lightweight EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber liner that can handle pressures up to 375 psi (2585 kPa). The outside jacket utilizes a tight weave that is less likely to “catch” while dragging through the work site and also helps to reduce kinking at low pressures, keeping the flow constant.
The EPDM liner is inert to most chemicals, is inherently ozone resistant and won’t degrade or crack. 8D also has a wide temperature range and is capable of being used at a mine in Alaska or a construction site in Arizona.
For the ultimate in durability, add our optional Dura-Cote™ colorized abrasion resistant protection for superior mildew resistance while at the same time preventing water pick-up.

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