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 Illuminating SCBA Identifier Tags Enlarge
 Illuminating SCBA Identifier Tags

Illuminating SCBA Identifier Tags


Designed to easily attach to any size SCBA bottle straps, the illuminating identifier tags feature aircraft grade aluminum combined with Foxfire’s Advanced Photoluminescent Technology™. Call to request the alphanumeric combination of text you want displayed, ideally 8 characters or less.

Price: $41.95

Foxfire Illuminating SCBA Identifier Tags feature customizable illuminating and reflective lettering so that crews can easily identify not just individuals but units in limited light or smoky conditions. The product was designed specifically to reduce the possibility of entanglement and withstand high temperatures. Foxfire Illuminating SCBA Identifier Tags are a significant development in firefighter crew accountability.

  • Designed specifically to reduce the possibility of entanglement
  • Can be charged quickly and repeatedly by any light source, will illuminate surroundings for hours when fully charged
  • Designed to withstand high temperatures
  • Customizable unit/crew/department identification
  • Reflective lettering available in red, green, black, silver and blue
  • In the unlikely event of accidental damage, we will replace the label for a nominal fee as part of the Foxfire promise

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