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Ironslock Enlarge


SKU: K5003

Price: $212.05
IRONSLOK can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position. Drill (2) 17/64" holes in each 33" UNISTRUT in appropriate location. Four hex head bolts and nuts are included for mounting. IRONSLOK is designed for a 30" Halligan style tool and an 8lb. or 6lb. 36" flat head axe. The handle end support/cover module can be relocated on the UNISTRUT if desired. IRONSLOK is compliant with NFPA 1901 9G requirements.
The IRONSLOCK includes the following:
• PAC-5026- Blade End Housing
• PAC-5027- Handle End/Support Cover
• PAC-2021- P1000 ea. Unistrut 7"
• PAC-2022- P4000 ea. Unistrut 33"
• PAC-2010- P4006 1420 Channel Nut
• PAC-2018- P1006 1420 Channel Nut
• PAC-2004- Adjustamount Clamp End
• PAC-2005- Adjustamount Lock End
• PAC-2008Y- Adjustable Lock Strap
• PAC-2035- Fastener Pack
• PAC-2013- 3/16 short arm hex key

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