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JL-30C Standard Ram Enlarge
JL-30C Standard Ram

JL-30C Standard Ram

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Hurst® standard rams are must-have equipment for the well-prepared rescue team. The rams are ideal for reaching confined spaces and creating large openings critical for extrication. Perfect for displacing a dashboard or sterring column, these units are engineered for pushing, pulling, shoring, stabilizing and supporting objects in even the most delicate rescue situation.
• Pulling capability for drawing objects away from the victim or vehicle
• Hard chrome-plated, solid steel piston rod provides high tensile strength and eliminates side load distortion
• Heat-treated, investment-cast steel ram feet feature a highly durable gripping surface to minimize slippage.
• Dead man control valve reverts back to the neutral position if user's hand slips from the control
• Dual pilot check valve sustains necessary load requirements if the flow of hydraulic fluid is interrupted
• Compatible with the Jaws of Life® ram attachment set and the ram extension kit for added performance and increased flexibility

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