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JL-AC-SI Full Size Electric Simo Enlarge
JL-AC-SI Full Size Electric Simo

JL-AC-SI Full Size Electric Simo

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Hurst® Simo power units provide simultaneous line operation for two rescue tools. This design configuration offers two rescue workers the advantage of operating from the same power unit without alternating use, changing out tools, or flipping any levers. Tools can be exchanged on one line without interrupting the operation of the second line.
• Premium quality engine/motor provides power to spare for every Hurst® rescue tool
• AC Electric model provides the ability to connect to a rescue vehicle's generator or operate remotely with a suitable electric line.
• Heavy duty roll cage protects the engine and other parts from accidental tipping/rolling
• Uses fire resistant, electrically non-conductive and non-corrosive synthetic fluid.
• Note: Power units do not include hydraulic fluid

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