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P 620 IG Mini Mate Auto Selector Valve Enlarge
P 620 IG Mini Mate Auto Selector Valve

P 620 IG Mini Mate Auto Selector Valve

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Now there's no reason to sacrifice power for lightweight design when choosing a power unit. Hurst® High Pressure's new Mini Mate power units make is possible to have both without compromising either. They're engineered to be lighter, more portable, and as powerful as traditional power units. These pumps prove to be the ultimate partner for one-person operations-no matter how remote. In almost every aspect, Hurst High Pressure Mini Mates offer full-size performance in a lightweight design.
Available in 4 different valve configurations:
OG- for single line operation
AG-Connection of 2 rescue tools, selector valve operation, alternate use
IG-Connection of 2 rescue tools, auto selector valve operation, alternate use
SG-Connection of 2 rescue tools, simultaneous operation
•Lightweight enough to carry both the Mini Mate and the rescue tool in a pre-connected condition
•Highly transportable for one-person rescue operation in any location, no matter how remote
•Compact design stores easily in vehicles with limited space, such as an ambulance or a squad car
•Premium quality Honda® 2.5 HP Engine provides power to spare for almost every Hurst® High Pressure rescue tool
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