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P 640 Series

P 640 Series

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With the power unit P 640 A(x), Hurst set the standard with quality and performance. For use with all Hurst High Pressure rescue tools, the P 640 A(x) allows two tools to be connected to the power unit at one time wihile alternating use.
Hurst High Pressure Selector Valve power units provide alternate line operation between two connected rescue tools. The operator can direct the flow of fluid to the desired tool by turning a lever to either the "A" or "B" Positions. The confinguration allows the rescuer to alternate between two tools
This selector valve power unit is available in many different configurations, including the option of a Briggs and Stratton or Honda gas engine, 110v or 220v Electric engines, and even allows for the use of a DIN frame on certain models.
•Powerful engines for efficient operations under all load conditions
•Large flow rate in the low and high pressure stage, shortens opening and closing times
•Low noise level
•The oil reservoir can be optionally increased up to 458
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