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R 420 Rescue Rams Enlarge
R 420 Rescue Rams

R 420 Rescue Rams

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Try Hurst® High Pressure's telescoping rams and you'll agree that they strike the perfect balance between power, stroke, and compact size. The Hurst High Pressure line of telescoping rams includes one 3-stage ram and two 2-stage rams. Ideal for displacing dashboards or steering columns, these units go beyond the limitations of traditional rams. Multi-stage telescoping action provides nearly double the stroke length and power while requiring less storage space than single-stage units. These are the most powerful telescopic rams with unsurpassed low weight!
• Two stage
• Solid Steel telescoping piston rod provides high tensile strength and eliminates side load distortion
• Heat-treated steel ram claw features a highly durable gripping surface to minimize slippage
• Star-grip control permits tool actuation from virtually any gripping position
• Dead man control valve reverts back to the neutral position if user's hand slips from the control
• Dual pilot check valve sustains necessary load requirements if the flow of hydraulic fluid is interrupted
• Retracts into a compact size for easy transportability and minimum storage requirements
• Compatible with both Hurst High Pressure ram support attachments
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