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S 510 Cutters

S 510 Cutters

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Today's vehicles are comprised of stronger steels than ever before. These strong metals call for an even more powerful cutter. The S 510 from Hurst High Pressure packs the needed power in an astonishing lightweight tool. With curved blades, the S 510 will cleanly sever even the toughest steel.
When it comes to high pressure mineral oil cutters, Hurst® High Pressure rescue tools offer the right combination of features and benefits for saving lives. High cutting force, lightweight design, superior blade geometry and ergonomics...... all results of extensive research and development to make Hurst High Pressure Rescue tools more powerful than ever before!
• Featuring up to 169,000 lbs. of cutting force, the S 510 severs 11/2" round bar stock with power to spare
• Curved blade geometry pulls material to the back of the blade for fast, clean severing action
• Fast opening and closing action for increased speed during time-critical rescues
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