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VesTank Portable Fire Pump

VesTank Portable Fire Pump

SKU: VT100

Price: $395.00
The VesTank™ from Gemtor, Inc. is a portable fire pump that you wear like a vest. It’s ergonomic design distributes the weight of the water evenly around your torso providing greater capacity and less physical strain and fatigue. The increased capacity and mobility compared to old fashioned backpacks, makes the VesTank™ the ideal choice in areas not easily accessible to large apparatus.
•For fighting brush fires
•Easy to put on
•Ergonomic design
•One size fits all
•More comfortable than back packs because water is evenly distributed around the torso
•8 gallons capacity, up to 60% more than backpacks
•Made of strong/durable urethane coated Nylon, which makes the VesTank™ lighter and more flexible than rigid steel tanks and easily repairable unlike double wall tanks
•Water inside the vest helps keep the body cool
•Large “fill port”
•Folds flat for easy storage
•Quick-connect pump-to-tank attachment
•Unique pump features impact plastic over brass design
•Tool-free assembly/disassembly allows the pump to be cleaned & repaired quickly & easily
•High volume pump directs stream of water more than 35 ft.
•Comes with standard with adjustable spray and fixed stream nozzles.

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