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Wire Rope (RT)


Blocfor B50 self-retracting lifeline, 50 ft. galv. wire rope

Price: $886.79

Device automatically takes up slack keeping it out of the way while minimizing the free fall distance, should a fall occur. In the event of a fall, the sudden jerk in the wire rope will activate the centrifugal locking mechanism, arresting the fall within 2ft. Features: Housing- synthetic case works with the frame to dissipate and absorb shock if dropped or struck by objects Construction- isolated drum keeps all brake components contaminate-free, all parts are corrosion resistant Brake/Mechanism- twin stainless steel disc brakes with copper/alloy coil in the center (all parts are anti-spark), twin inertia and speed-activated brake pawls are designed to activate and engage at the same time Design- features a carabiner positioning washer, rubber stop which is easy to take in hand and acts as a buffer when cable is accidentally released (high-speed recoil), reinforced plastic rope guide is designed for high-wear resistance, low cost and easy maintenance *Applications Include: ships, towers, tanks, silos, shafts, pipeways, construction sites, fixed ladder, manholes, aircraft maintenance, railroad sidings, tank truck loading/unloading facilities, and any elevated work station.

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