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911-RKM Super Duty Kit Enlarge
911-RKM Super Duty Kit

911-RKM Super Duty Kit

SKU: 911-RKM

The 911-RKM Super Duty Master Kit is the most forceful kit. This kit features the most powerful and hardest hitting hammer.

Price: $3,169.00

This is the kit that is used when you don’t know what you will need to cut to perform the Rescue or Extrication.  The 911-RKM uses  .498 shank chisels and includes non-turn and turn type chisels, and all the items necessary to start the Rescue or Extrication process.

The 911-RKM Master Kit includes a 1/2” Impact Wrench (Ajax #1985), and an 11-Piece fractional socket set (Ajax #1986)

(1) 1976 Hammer for .498-in. shank tools
(1) 3700S-3 Retainer
(1) 8245H Regulator
(2) 8260 Ergo Chisel Grip (non-turn)
(1) 3190-12-PL 12-in. Moil Point (non-turn)
(2) 3189-PL Double Blade Panel Cutter (non-turn)
(2) 3180-PL Kwik Cutter (non-turn)
(2) 3180-18-PL 18-in. Kwik Cutter (non-turn)
(2) 3089-PL Double Blade Panel Cutter (turn-type)
(2) 3080-PL Kwik Cutter (turn-type)
(1) 1985 1/2 in. Impact Wrench
(2) 3080-18-PL 18-in.Kwik Cutter (turn-type)
(1) 1030 15-ft., 3/8-in. Hose
(1) 1045 3/8-in. Male Connector (1/4-in. NPT hammer)
(1) 1048 3/8-in. Male Connector (1/4-in. NPT regulator)
(1) 1052 3/8-in. Female Coupler (3/8-in. NPT hose)
(1) 8246 Gauge Guard
(1) 5317 20-in. Steel Kit Box
(1) 8259 Kit Box Liner
(1) 1074 4-oz. Oil
(1) 674-RT Trim Removal Tool
(1) 1986 11 PC. Fractional Socket Set


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