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Cheyenne NFPA Escape Belt

Cheyenne NFPA Escape Belt

SKU: 1101-0001

The Cheyenne is the most versatile NFPA certified escape belt.

Price: $175.00

The Cheyenne is our most versatile NFPA certified escape belt. It is the offspring of the original Colorado Trucker Belt. This belt can be customized to allow for personal accessories to be carried. It is custom-sized to the individual firefighter and is donned over the coat. 

This belt is sized based off your pants but 4" is added to the belt to account for your coat. Order your pant size. The buckle is considered an inverted buckle. 

CERTIFIED TO NFPA 1983, STANDARD ON LIFE SAFETY ROPE AND EQUIPMENT FOR EMERGENCY SERVICES, 2017 EDITION The Cheyenne is an NFPA certified escape belt and it is our most versatile belt due to its double layer construction and custom sized for the individual. The Cheyenne is to be worn over the turnout coat and can be finely adjusted for comfort and fit. The Cheyenne is ambidextrous, and it comes standard with gear loops on both sides and a fixed NFPA D-Ring (attachment/positioning point). The gear loops allow accessories to be attached, such as axe loops and accessory pouches. Some of the Cheyenne’s available options include a sliding NFPA D-Ring, a rearward NFPA positioning point/tag ring, and a Multi-Use Strap. This patented Multi-Use Strap™ adds NFPA ladder belt certification to the Cheyenne, along with an NFPA certified anchor, and numerous other RIT/RIC procedures. The Cheyenne is ready to accept a variety of non pre-rigged or pre-rigged bailout systems.
  • NFPA Escape Belt - for bailout, low angle rescue, pulling a firefighter victim out of a hole or lowering a firefighter out of a window.
  • NFPA Ladder Belt (optional)- with the use of our patented Multi-Use Strap™ this belt can be used to secure yourself to a platform, ladder or roof.
  • RIT Operations (optional)- allows one or two firefighters to carry down victims. You can perform various types of rescue drags with less energy and back strain to the rescue firefighter.
  • Designed with expansion and upgradability in mind, many accessories are available such as customized bailout systems, stainless steel ax clips, scabbards, leather backing, radio holders, rope bags and leather tool pouch.

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