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Pakhammer 90 Kit


SKU: 22-550096G2

Paratech PakHammer: Efficient Power

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Paratech’s Pakhammer is designed for forcible entry during fire fighting and rescue operations. They are used for cutting metal and composites, breaking masonry walls, penetrating concrete floors, forcible entry and digging during tunneling  operations. Paratech’s Pakhammer consumes air only on the power stroke. This unique, patented design provides a pneumatic impact and penetrating device with an adjustable power output and very low air consumption.
The combined features of light weight, very low air consumption and a wide range of power settings make Paratech’s Pakhammer extremely effective for rescue and fire fighting operations. Rescue workers may find themselves temporarily blocked by a masonry wall or faced with the need to penetrate a concrete floor. Building collapse often requires power assisted digging for access to victims.
Conventional pneumatic, hydraulic or electric power tools always require a hook-up to a bulky remote power source. Only Paratech’s Pakhammer is designed for  situations where the power source must be as portable as the tool. Designed to  operate intermittently for up to 15 minutes on a single SCBA cylinder, there is
nothing to stop a Paratech Pakhammer from being where the action is. The Pakhammer is designed to operate from any compressed air source at a pressure range of 40 to 200 psi / 2.7 to 13.7 bar.
Pakhammers are useful for:
  • CRASH RESCUE FROM AIRCRAFT: Cut skins, spars, canopies.
  • CRASH FIRE FIGHTING: Piercing applicator for dispensing extinguishing agents.
  • EXTRICATION: From automobiles, trucks, transportation accidents.
  • DISASTER RESCUE: Earthquake, collapse.
  • PNEUMATIC IMPACT PENETRATOR: Use in rescue or industry.
  • RESCUE/FORCIBLE ENTRY: Break doors, locks, padlocks, hasps.
  • DAMAGE CONTROL: Access to compartments through watertight doors, heavy sheet metal.
  • BREAKS AND PUNCHES HOLES: Concrete, asphalt.


Technical Specs: Pakhammer  Technical Data
Length (Pakhammer without bit) 27.6 in / 70.1 cm
Weight (Pakhammer without bit) 11.3 lb / 5.1 kg
Air Pressure Range 40-200 psi / 2.7-13.7 bar
Air Consumption at 175 psi (12 bar) 18 SCFM / 510 l/min
Blows/Minute (approx.) 1000–1100
Shank Size 0.401 in / 1.0 cm


Pakhammer Kit Contents

Part No. Description Quantity
22-550500G2 Pakhammer, with Inline Oiler 1
22-895400G2 Pressure Regulator 5,500-0 psi / 379.2-0 bar 1
22-890520 Air Hose 3/8 in / 9.5 mm dia. x 32 ft / 10 m YELLOW 1
22-550582 Bit, 14 in / 35.6 cm Chisel, 1 in / 2.5 cm wide 1
22-550584 Bit, 11 in / 27.7 cm Curved metal cutter 1
22-550586 Bit, 14 in / 35.6 cm Bullpoint 1
22-550291 Oil, lubricating, 4 oz / 124 g 1
22-550094 Hex key 7/32 in / 0.6 cm 1
22-550099 Hex key 3/16 in / 0.5 cm 1
22-550379 Ballistic Nylon Carrying Case 14”H x 34”L 1
22-550096 Manual, Operating and Instruction 1
22-550235 Goggles, plastic safety 1
22-550380 Ballistic Nylon Carrying Case 29 x 11 x 13 in / 73.7 x 27.9 x 33 cm 1


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