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Blitzfire Monitor

Blitzfire Series


The BLITZFIRE™ offers a safe initial attack, even with limited staff.

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The BLITZFIRE™ offers a safe initial attack, even with limited staff. With a flow rating up to 500 gpm (2000 l/min), it integrates an exclusive safety shutoff system that prevents unintentional movement during critical fire-ground operations. The monitor’s compact and lightweight design offers a low attack angle and exclusive slide valve for complete nozzle-man flow control.
The base model’s attack angle (10 to 46 degree elevation) is perfect for directing a fire stream into any door or window opening during an initial attack. While the HE (high elevation) version provides an even higher 86 degree up elevation angle for tactical advantages, such as the ability to place a high-volume stream directly into an overhead, or reaching that pipe rack system that’s directly in front of you. Both versions are available with unique water turbine design drives the oscillating unit in a selectable 20, 30, or 40-degree sweeping motion.
Available with either Standard, Low-Pressure, or Dual-Pressure Automatic Nozzle, Fixed Gallonage Nozzle, or Stacked Tips.
“The All Weather Nozzle Cover is specifically designed to protect your valuable BLITZFIRE while still allowing for easy access when you are on the job. All Weather Nozzle Covers are made to resist extreme weather conditions, and each is manufactured in the USA.”

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