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Brush Rake (Fiberglass)

Brush Rake (Fiberglass)


Price: $77.50

Fire Hook’s brush rake with its eleven steel blades and 5 foot handle has traditionally been preferred to the McLeod in the eastern states.

The tool will cut through any undergrowth that may be burning and overturn some soil further assisting in creating a fire break, smothering fire, and lowering the temperature of burning materials below their threshold of ignition. 

A fire fighter can use this tool to rake burning material back into the area already burned, moving the fire from the fuel ahead of it creating a fire break. This allows the fire fighter to stay safely on the 'burned side', while quickly moving the fire away from further fuel. The burning material is left to burn itself out away from the edge of the fire line, or another fire fighter with a fire flapper will smother it if required.


  • The triangular tines can be honed with a file.
  • The fire rake is lighter than the McLeod and is better for cutting leaves, mulch, small bushes, and debris from trail corridors.

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