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Gear Decon Sprayer

Gear Decon Sprayer


Part of the Special-ops Decon System, the Ram Air Gear Decon Sprayer properly cleans/disinfects hazmat, immersion and ice-rescue suits that cannot be washed in a mechanical washer. *To request special pricing for Illinois, please call us at 847-289-9000

Price: $285.00

DECON-1 – Single-jug Gear Decon Sprayer
DECON-2 – Dual-jug Gear Decon Sprayer
DECON-JUG – Extra Jug for Decon Sprayer
GHA – Fire Hose Adapter

Designed with air injection at the nozzle, the sprayer automatically mixes water and gear-cleaning solutions/disinfectants* with air to achieve a foaming action. The foam provides better adhesion to the garment—ensuring saturation time requirements set forth by manufacturers are met and that gear is properly decontaminated. With an extra-long spraying wand and 360-degree spraying, the Ram Air Gear Decon Sprayer allows for spraying in any direction—even upside-down—so hard-to-reach areas of the gear are properly cleaned. The sprayer operates with water pressure of up to 100psi, so it can easily be connected to a standard 3/4” garden hose. A dual-jug model is available for departments that prefer a jug for cleaning solutions and a jug for disinfectants on the same unit. This eliminates the need to manually remove and replace cleaning/disinfection jugs. A simple toggle switch on the sprayer switches jugs.

A fire hose adapter (1-1/2 Female NP x 3/4 male GHT) is available for decontamination of sidewalk or street following an incident. Using the adapter, the sprayer can be directly connected to the fire truck or pumper truck for easy cleanup.


• Air injection at nozzle for foaming action
• Connects to standard 3/4” hose
• Works with water pressure up to 100 psi
• 1% eduction rate
• Extra-long spraying wand
• 1.25 gallon capacity jug
• Single- or dual-jug models available
• Extra jugs available (model #DECON–JUG)

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