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HURST E3/EWXT Rescue Batteries Enlarge
HURST E3/EWXT Rescue Batteries

HURST E3/EWXT Rescue Batteries

SKU: 9053-1

Underwater power the size of a whale.

Price: $0.00

part number: 90-53-14 (5Ah), 90-53-15 (9Ah)

Available sizes big and bigger.
The EWXT battery comes in two sizes. There’s a waterproof 5Ah, and if that wasn’t enough there’s a big honking waterproof 9Ah. So, whether you have one rescue operation in the water or two or three you’re ready to save the day. They easily change out and can work with any of the EWXT tools.
• IP68 protection class
• Full battery performance down to -20 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit)
• Charge level visible during use
• Light on battery to ease battery change at night

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