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HURST M 40 E3 Connect Spreader Enlarge
HURST M 40 E3 Connect Spreader

HURST M 40 E3 Connect Spreader

SKU: 271678000-1C

Watertight design and up-to-the-minute feedback — and now it’s connected to the cloud.

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Also known as "The Mammoth."
This powerful 40-inch spreader can make huge gaps with just one move and is perfect for dire situations when speed is of the essence. With its watertight design and up-to-the-minute feedback, nothing will stand in your way.
  • The tool automatically receives and stores data and transfers it via Wi-Fi to a secure cloud.
  • Errors are detected early and maintenance can be requested within Captium.
  • Tool use is automatically documented with E3 CONNECT.
  • Watertight design makes it durable in fresh and salt water.
  • Smart dashboard displays live, visual tool feedback.
  • Power levels and battery charge status are readily visible.
  • Dashboard reveals when a saltwater-capable battery has been installed.
  • New turbo function allows for a faster rescue.
  • The tool has a single integrated-cylinder body design.
  • Squeezing plates are built into the arms.
  • “Shark Tooth” removable tips offer a multifunctional design, with four rows of sharklike teeth for maximum performance and gripping.
  • Package comes with two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and one charger.
Length: 43.6 in / 1,106 mm
Width: 12.1 in / 309 mm
Height: 9.96 in / 253 mm
Weight: 54.9 lbs / 24.9 kg
Spreading Distance: 40.1 in / 1,018 mm
Max Spreading Force: 112,400 lbs / 500 kN
Max Pulling Force: 11,240 lbs / 50 kN
NFPA HSF: 16,190 lbs / 72 kN
NFPA LSF: 10,120 lbs / 45 kN
NFPA HPF: 9,442 lbs / 42 kN
NFPA LPF: 5,171 lbs / 23 kN
NFPA 1936 2020 Compliant: Yes
IP Rating: IP 58

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