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SP 555 EWXT Spreader Enlarge
SP 555 EWXT Spreader

HURST SP 555 EWXT Spreader

SKU: 271255000-1

Great for making underwater exits.

Price: $0.00

part number: 271255000-1 (tool only), 271255000-5 (tool + two 5Ah batteries and one charger), 271255000-9 (tool + two 9Ah batteries and one charger)

This spreader is a game-changer.
It’s the first of its kind. It allows you to operate submerged in fresh water and unencumbered by any hoses or power units. And despite all that, it’s still one of the lightest, most powerful spreaders in the business. The water is a lot safer now.
  • Watertight allows you to operate the tool submerged in fresh water
  • Squeezing plates built into the arms
  • “Shark Tooth” removable tips offer multifunctional design, with four rows of shark-like teeth for maximum performance and gripping
  • Shorter case length, 3 inches shorter than the SP 555 E2
  • Brushless DC electrical motor runs more efficiently with higher performance for a longer battery life
  • Quieter
  • Two LED lights illuminate the front of the tool
  • Larger waterproof battery option (9Ah) with IP68 protection class
  • New, faster battery charger
Length (w/o battery) 36.3 in / 923 mm
Width 10.4 in / 265 mm
Height 9.96 in / 253 mm
Weight (w/o battery) 43.9 lbs / 19.9 kg
Spreading Distance 28.7 in / 730 mm
Max Spreading Force 147,924 lbs / 658 kN
Max Pulling Force 13,039 lbs / 58 kN
NFPA HSF 16,186 lbs / 72 kN
NFPA LSF 11,016 lbs / 49 kN
NFPA HPF 10,341 lbs / 46 kN
NFPA LPF 6,295 lbs / 28 kN
NFPA 1936 2020 Compliant Yes
IP Rating IP58 (Protected from fresh water immersion at a depth up to 3m for 1 hour)

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