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Leatherhead Bar (Forged Halligan Type) Enlarge
Leatherhead Bar (Forged Halligan Type)

Leatherhead Bar (Forged Halligan Type)


Leatherhead Tools uses traditional forging and high carbon steel to produce their bars. BACKORDERED UNTIL MID 2023

Price: $236.50
  • Made in the USA with 100% American materials and craftsmanship
  • Ideal for prying, pulling and lifting during forcible entry and overhaul
  • Great for removing automotive trim during extrications
  • Forged with high-carbon steel
  • Heat treated to meet or exceed standards
  • Strong, all forged for a lifetime of use
Halligans come ”tuned” right out of the box with reference lines on the forks and adz for setting the tool during conventional forcible entry. They have squared shoulders, and thin forks for those tight door forces. The adz end has a smooth striking surface to eliminate awkward striking angles, and is designed to help prevent “skinning” an outward swinging door, flatter than previous models. The forks have a one inch spread between the tines to remove doorknobs for through-the-lock techniques. Lastly, we understand fire company pride and clean tools, that’s why we finish our Halligan Bars with a Zinc coating to help prevent rust and make this tool easy to clean.

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