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Paratech Hydra Fusion

Paratech Hydra Fusion

SKU: 22-79HA04K

Lift and Stabilize with Paratech Hydra Fusion

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The Paratech HydraFusion Struts (AcmeThread) are comprised of a 3” diameter threaded aluminum shaft that extends hydraulically out of a 3 1/2” diameter aluminum tube. The hydraulic lift capacity is 10 U.S. tons with a 2:1 safety factor.
Once the strut is extended, the AcmeThread collar is spun down to the locked position and creates a 20,000 lbs. 4:1 safety factor for stabilization.
Place strut into position, ‘EXTEND’ threaded shaft into desired length,‘SPIN’ collar to ‘LOCK’ the strut.
It is as easy as… ‘EXTEND & SPIN TO LOCK’
Adjustments to the threaded shaft can be made in ANY increment up to the maximum length of the strut.
Hydrafusion (HFS) Struts and Kits
Part No. Description
22-79HA04 HydraFusion Strut 04 18.2 – 22.0 in / 46.2 – 55.8 cm
22-79HA10 HydraFusion Strut 10 25.2 – 35.0 in / 64.0 – 88.9 cm
22-79HA16 HydraFusion Strut 16 32.0 – 47.7 in / 81.3 – 121.2 cm
22-79HA04K HydraFusion Strut 04 Kit
22-79HA10K HydraFusion Strut 10 Kit
22-79HA16K HydraFusion Strut 16 Kit


Hydrafusion (HFS) Accessories

Part No. Description
22-790020G HydraFusion Pump with Gauge
22-790019 Hydrafusion LongShore Screw Adapter
22-790067 Hydrafusion AcmeThread Screw Adapter
22-796035 Strut Converter


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