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Pry-Axe with Standard Claw Enlarge
Pry-Axe with Standard Claw

Paratech Pry-Axe

SKU: 22-0005

The Tool that has Withstood the Test of Time

Price: $466.00

The Pry-Axe is a lightweight, multi-purpose, ‘Slam & Ram’ tool designed to pry, enlarge openings, cut sheet metal and twist off locks and latches. This efficient tool lets every firefighter force entry, rescue and ventilate without waiting for help. The Pry-Axe is small enough to carry and rugged enough for most jobs. The Pry-Axe head and claw assemblies are separate sections forged from high alloy steel and heat treated for maximum strength. A molded rubber sleeve over the handle provides a non-slip grip. The Pry-Axe is electroless nickel plated for good looks and easy maintenance.

Technical Specs:
  • TopCut axe blade design.
  • Long, sharp, tapered pike.
  • Spanner wrench built into the axe head.
  • Extendable, lockable, replaceable claw inserts.
  • Tool head and claw inserted forged from high alloy steel and heat treated for maximum strength.
  • High-phosphorous eletroless nickel plating for hardness, wear resistance and corrosion protection.
  • 3 interchangeable claw designs: standard, cutting and compact.
  • Unique locking lever allows the tool to be used in two positions, closed and extended.
  • Molded rubber handle offers a non-slip grip.
  • Hole in the tool head to insert the claw shaft to pry and split in forcible entry.

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