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Rescue Air Cushions

Rescue Air Cushions

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Ideal tool for high lift requirements of non-reinforced broad surfaces found on trucks, vans, and light aircraft.

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Rescue Air Cushions are an ideal tool for high lift requirements of non-reinforced broad surfaces found on trucks, vans and light aircraft.
Cushions are also used by collapse rescue teams to fill voids and regain support for Rescue Struts, wall braces and shoring. With a maximum lift height up to 40 inches (102 cm), Rescue Air Cushions are available in 4 sizes.
Paratech’s Rescue Air Cushions are ready for a wide range of applications and are extremely versatile.
Typical Applications Include:
Major vehicle accidents (cars, trucks, buses)
Light aircraft recovery
Filling voids created in trench collapse
Small vehicle turnovers
Downed or trapped animals
Flotation device
Industrial lifting applications
A soft footprint allows placement on soft and uneven terrain, with a contact area exceeding lifting height. Constructed with a highly durable contact area, Rescue Air Cushions have Neoprene coated exterior and interior reinforcement belts. Rescue Air Cushions can be inflated using a variety of compressed air sources including industrial compressed air, compressed air storage cylinders, air brake systems and portable blowers.
Technical Specs:
  • Pressure relief valves on cushions and control valve
  • Interior reinforcing maintains flat lift surfaces for direction of lift force
  • Quick connect couplings with locking ring
  • Positioning handles
  • Each cushion is factory tested at 1.3 times operating pressure
  • Contact area diameter exceeds lifting height
  • Operating pressure of 0-14.5 psi / 1.0 bar aramid reinforced
  • Lifting heights from 17 in to 40 in / 43 cm to 102 cm
  • Greater stability due to the size of the contact area
  • Lighter loads have predictable lift results
  • Full lift capacity over full lifting height
  • Soft footprint allows placement on soft and uneven terrain
  • User repairable for limited damage or punctures
  • Four sizes to choose from
Air Cushion inflation can be made from a variety of compressed air sources:
  • Industrial compressed air
  • Compressed air storage cylinders
  • Air brake systems
  • Portable blowers
  • Portable, hand held controller includes adjustable valves, gauges and pressure reliefs.

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