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RIT Systems and RescueAire II Enlarge
RIT Systems and RescueAire II
  • RIT Systems and RescueAire II
  • Rescue Aire II
  • RIT Systems and RescueAire II
  • RIT Systems and RescueAire II
  • Rescue Aire II
  • RIT Systems and RescueAire II

RIT Systems and RescueAire II

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Built for extreme conditions the MSA G1 RIT Systems meet the needs of Rapid Intervention Teams (RITs) and provides firefighters with emergency breathing air within almost any situation quickly and easily. Versatile systems enables selection of the right option for your application.

G1 R.I.T. System
Two pneumatic supply lines are provided:
  • Six-foot high pressure supply line that terminates with female Quick-Fill System fitting
  • Six-foot intermediate pressure supply line that terminates with ExtendAire II System manifold assembly; features male and female locking quick-disconnects System offers versatility, allowing end users to select configurations that offer:
  • Quick-connect second-stage G1 MMR
  • Remote external gauge for easy cylinder pressure readings
  • Medium size G1 Facepiece with four-point Speed-ON® Head Harness
  • URC fitting on G1 RIT System pressure reducer that allows for interconnection of G1 RIT Systems
All G1 RIT pneumatics are stored in a durable rescue bag that is constructed from Ultra-Tough Iron Cloth and features Heat-Shield Skid Plate. Skid plate allows RIT bag to glide over rough surfaces, protecting textile components and offering extreme durability for repetitive use. Innovative access-hatch feature provides quick, easy access to spare facepiece and cylinder valve assembly. 60” adjustable shoulder strap can be re-positioned for carrying, dragging or lowering G1 RIT system. System is available in 2216 or 4500 psi operating pressures. Cylinders are sold separately.
G1 RescueAire II System
G1 RescueAire II System incorporates a G1 Regulator, allowing a RIT team to provide air to a downed firefighter wearing a G1 Facepiece. Feature-packed system consists of SuperLite® Cylinder, Quick-Fill® emergency breathing system (EBS), ExtendAire™ System EBS, and G1 Regulator (The G1 Regulator connects directly to the MSA G1 Facepiece for maximum rescue capability), supported by a flame and heat-resistant carrying harness (made from Nomex and Kevlar materials).
G1 R.I.T. System
  • G1 Pressure-Demand Facepiece
  • Mask-mounted pressure-demand second-stage regulator
  • High-pressure first-stage regulator
  • Audible warning bell
  • Iron-Cloth RIT bag with skid plate, shoulder strap and storage compartments
  • EBSS system accessory
  • Quick-draw transfill hose pocket pulls out hose end, ready to grab
  • Flashlight holder makes bag easier to find within low visibility conditions
  • Two tool pockets provide fast access to small hand tools and light sticks
  • Reflective tape for 360-degree visibility
  • Additional webbing attaches rope bag to outside of RIT bag
  • Abundant number of skid plate rivets provide maximum durability
  • Inner strap better secures cylinder in bag
G1 RescueAire II System
  • 36” Quick-Fill System EBS Connection
  • ExtendAire System EBS Connection
  • G1 PR-14 Pressure Reducer
  • G1 Regulator
  • Carrying harness with adjustable shoulder strap
  • Audi-Larm™ Audible Alarm low pressure warning device


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